DJAKOVICA – A group of around 50 displaced Serbs visited the Holy Virgin Ascension Church in Djakovica on Wednesday without any major incidents, although dozens of ethnic Albanians gathered to protest against their arrival.


In the past two years, displaced Serbs from Djakovica could not visit the monastery on the day before Orthodox Christmas, as certain local Albanians were against their coming, and stoned their buses.

On Wednesday, around 30 Kosovo Albanians waited in rain and cold for around three hours to express discontent over the visit, in front of a police cordon. There were no major incidents, apart from the hurling of eggs, snowballs and apples in the direction of the bus, said Tanjug’s on-site reporter.

Djakovica was once home to around 12,000 Serbs, and today only four Serb nuns live in this town in Kosovo-Metohija.