BELGRADE – All Serbian security services are working in full swing, with strong security forces deployed in the south of the country, says Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, warning that all those who think that Serbia is an easy target are badly mistaken.


“With the prosecutor’s office for organised crime, the Security Information Agency and our service for fighting terrorism, we have set up a headquarters that meets daily and controls everything that is going on in our territory,” Stefanovic told Sputnik.

Asked to comment on frequent references to a Balkan terrorist brigade comprised of people from Kosovo and Albania, Stefanovic said:

“We are interested in people who have fought for the Islamic State and returned. Pursuant to the law, we are conducting strict control of all people who we believe can be a security challenge for Serbia. Control of the waves of people migrating through Serbia has been stepped up because there is always a danger that some of them may be potential terrorists,” he said.