BELGRADE – Serbia – Montenegro 10:8 (1:3, 2:1, 3:2, 4:2). Serbian national team won the gold medal at the European Championship in water polo, after it defeated Montenegro in the great final with 10:8. The third consecutive gold for Serbian water polo players at the championships of the old continent.

For many years water polo players of Serbia dominated in pools in Europe and worldwide. Today they continued with superior game, but this time they did it in Belgrade, in front of their people.

The grand finale was dramatic, as Montenegro played a great match, leading much of the game, but Dejan Savic’s boys played bravely, boldly when it was the most needed and decided the match in the last quarter.

Maybe someone had doubts, but most importantly they did not. They did not give up a single moment, but with their distinctive game turned the score and at the end won against a great rival.