Two men wounded in Kosovska Mitrovica shooting


KOSOVSKA MITROVICA – A young Serb man was seriously wounded in late Sunday’s shooting in Kosovska Mitrovica, while a 21-year old man sustained minor injuries, Tanjug has been told at the local hospital.


Health Centre Director Milan Ivanovic told Tanjug that the seriously wounded man has undergone an operation after being shot in the chest and the abdomen.

The other man suffered a ricochet wound in the chest area and is in a stable condition, Ivanovic said.

Both men were wounded at around 9.20 p.m. in a shooting in northern Kosovska Mitrovica.

Regional Kosovo Police chief Zeljko Bojic told Tanjug that the police have investigated the crime scene and that no other details are known.

He said that the police are taking statements from potential eyewitnesses and that the motive of the incident remains unknown.


  1. Since 1992, I never heard that Serbian civilian attack or shoot a Albanian. But Albanians are doing that all the time. The rest of Serbians seams like don’t care. The Gandhi’s strategy is not working, or cry to World: “Look what they do to us”. When I’ve been living there, people were talking to me that they don’t care, it isn’t my problem and they wont go to fight, but expect from me to go there .fight and free Kosovo. Albanians know that and they slowly and successfully pushing Serbs from there’s native land. Diplomatically won’t happen. Wake up Serbians, tooth for tooth is the only way.