BELGRADE – Ambassador of the United States in Pristina Greg Delawie said that his country hopes that Serbia will recognize Kosovo, adding that US’s goal is to have Kosovo become a member of the United Nations, conveyed Pristina-based portal “”.


The American diplomat, as a guest on TV show “Rubikon” on KTV, said that the US is convinced that the Special Court for war crimes committed by the former KLA will judge “the bosses”, those who Kosovo’s judicial institutions were not able to prosecute.

The court will judge those who consider themselves above the law, said the diplomat, who is convinced that the Special Court will be able to resolve the cases that remained unsolved.

“Why do we need this court? I’ve been here since August of last year and so far I’ve seen a few examples of what people are doing here with impunity. It seems that some people sentenced for crimes come and go in and out of jail when they feel like it, go to Sweden and other countries when they feel like it,” said Delawie.

Pristina’s “Zeri” writes that Delawie said that nobody, not even the US wants “the Republika Srpska in Kosovo”, and that the Association of Serbian Municipalities will operate in accordance with the instructions of the Kosovo Constitutional Court.