BANJA LUKA – No one can abolish Republika Srpska (RS) with a decree, as it was not established with a decree either, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said in Banja Luka, underscoring that Serbia’s love for RS does not mean hate for BiH.


“Serbia is always there for you,” Vucic said on Saturday at the celebration of the Day of RS, noting that under the Dayton Agreement, Serbia should protect the entity.

In his address at the central ceremony, the Serbian PM said that he had come to Banja Luka with a number of ministers to show respect and sincere support for citizens of RS and the entity itself, noting that “it was created by people”.

“Serbia’s love for RS does not mean hate for BiH,” he said, noting that this love also implied the building of bridges toward BiH so as to exchange capital, people, for a better life and successful shared future.