SID – Despite snow and cold weather, migrants are well taken care of during their stay in Serbia, Minister of Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin said Sunday.

Illustration - Photo: Supplied
Illustration – Photo: Supplied

Vulin, who visited the reception center in Sid, a town near the border with Croatia, said that the competent bodies had acted well-prepared for the extremely cold weather and had made sure all migrants slept in heated rooms, received supplies of food and medical and any other aid.

“Despite the low temperatures, snow and harsh weather, everything has been organized, pre-planned, and as expected, and these people are taken care of so that no one of can say they stayed without food or heating,” Vulin told reporters.

He said that the migrants transiting through Serbia were cared for in every way and their security, as well as security of our own citizens, was ensured.