Ambassador to Libya, embassy staff to undergo hearings

Photo: MFA

BELGRADE – Serbian Ambassador to Libya Oliver Potezica and all embassy staff will undergo hearings to establish the full truth and the responsibility in the abduction of Sladjana Stankovic and Jovica Stepic, the two embassy employees killed in a US air raid, Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic told Kurir.

Photo: MFA
Photo: MFA

“Serbia has retained its embassies in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. The reasons are the friendly relations with those countries, the large number of our people who work there and do not want to leave although we have urged them to leave those countries, as well as our economic interests,” he said.

The ambassadors and charges d’affaires in those countries – including Potezica – have always been against closing the embassies, he said.

Even after the abduction, Potezica suggested that we do not close the embassy in Tripoli or relocate it to Tobrouk, Dacic said.


  1. What are Serbs even doing in Libya which does not even have a real government and has heavily armed gangs and ISIS jockeying for territory. Serbia is a fool if it thinks it will get construction projects like during Gaddafi’s time – those days are over and might not ever come again.