Czech Republic Could Exit EU After UK


BELGRADE -The Czech Republic could follow UK’s lead and exit the European Union if Britain votes to drop out of the 28-nation bloc in five months, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka warned on Tuesday.


A referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership in the EU is scheduled for June 23 of this year. It follows a deal struck by London and Brussels on a plan to reform the union at the EU leaders’ summit last Friday.

“The results of this step [Brexit] could be really gigantic,” Sobotka told journalists. “In this case, we can expect debates on EU exit here in a couple of years.”

The prime minister warned that it was high time that the ruling Social Democratic Party started explaining all benefits of EU membership to Czech citizens before separatist radicals won them over.

Anti-EU sentiment has been rife in the Eastern European country after its row with Brussels over a plan to resettle migrants fleeing violence and poverty in the Middle East and Central Asia.


  1. It is obvious now to me, that no; you indeed have no clue of history’s side affects of such actions with fleeing peoples. The last grave example was of course Germany, when it was that the “persecuted people’s” of Europe “and” Eastern Europe had no where to flee, it caused an all out panic, for stopping the flight is impossible and they have to go somewhere. One, people have relations and/or concerns here there every where, and they will help them flee death.
    Two, there is always the traffickers, or any one needing money and/or those with money, that someone will provide shelter and/or escape for; until it is that the value becomes to great, or too little… of course… it is our history.
    And the ones with out these options most usually die. So, read and avoid these cowardice actions, or become again another cowardly chapter in this failure we call humanity.

  2. It would be great if just one country could extract itself from the EU’s clutches. Countries must regain their sovereignty and stop being forced into lockstep with what Brussels or Germany wants.