BONN – Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic called on the EU to come up with a common approach to the refugee crisis, stressing that if Austria and other countries on the Balkan Route shut their borders, Serbia would have to reconsider its policies.


Dacic pointed out that Serbia had up to now had a fair and constructive approach to the issue, and had been praised by the entire world for that.

“In 2015, we had 600,000 migrants pass through Serbia and what is cause for us to worry further is the absence of a unified approach from the European Union. And these individual measures and steps that are taken by certain countries are something that brings us into a very difficult situation,” Dacic said in an interview with Radio Deutsche Welle on Saturday.

Dacic said it was a very peculiar phenomenon that the migrants had never opted to change the route set in the beginning.

“They never opted to go maybe through Kosovo, and one of the reasons was because Serbia was always a helping hand to them,” Dacic said, adding that it was important to see if the borders were going to be closed and what everyone was going to do next.