Dacic: Serbia cannot afford to become refugee centre

Photo: MFA

AMSTERDAM – Serbia is a credible EU partner in the refugee crisis, but it cannot afford to become a refugee centre, Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said Saturday.

Photo: MFA
Photo: MFA

At an informal Amsterdam meeting of foreign ministers of EU member states and candidate countries, Dacic warned that a chain reaction of a drastic drop in border throughput or closure of borders would be particularly dangerous to Serbia and the entire region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

That would halt the flow of migrants, causing them to stay in Serbian territory in larger numbers and over longer periods of time, which would be an exceptional burden to us, Dacic warned.

Serbia is unable to take back migrants who had transited through its territory as it has neither the funds nor the capacities for this, and it is not the country of first entry either, Dacic said.

Serbia can temporarily accommodate several thousand migrants – it has single-handedly ensured additional accommodation for 3,000 migrants and will try to do the same for 3,000 more if it is given concrete financial assistance from the EU, he said.


  1. Serbia should have restricted the illegals from coming in in the first place – especially after Hungary had built the fence along Serbia’s entire northern border with it. Serbia should have seen the writing on the wall, and that it would be hemmed in if it continued to traffic migrants to other countries which didn’t want them. I’ve been reading that many non-Syrian/Iraqi/Afghans have already been stuck in Serbia for some time.

    Greece is setting up to declare Turkey a safe country, which will pave the way to send them back. Serbia could sent them back to Macedonia, Bulgaria and/or fly them to Turkey, if something is worked out. Turkey is supposed to get 3 billion euros to improve conditions for the Syrian refugees/migrants and keep them there until Syria stabilizes (if ever). However, Turkey has not done anything serious to curb the trafficking at this point.

    Serbia needs to be more restrictive at its borders with Macedonia and Bulgaria. The migrants could go north through Bulgaria to Romania, but they don’t because Serbia turned itself into a doormat early on. And that’s what Serbia will be if it allows this continued abuse. This whole thing is a scam, and it was the Albanians who went through a trial-run of it last winter. It is mainly due to the smugglers talking up all the benefits they will receive in Germany, Sweden, or some other western European country.

  2. Serbia must protect it’s own citizens from the rapefugee invasion. There are very few actual refugees. Most are economic migrants. If Serbia lets them in, they will get stuck with most of them. Croatia is going to follow Hungary’s sensible approach.