EBRD: New Serbian government needs to continue with reforms


BELGRADE – Serbia needs more investments for its economy to grow faster, Peter Tabak, lead economist for Croatia, Serbia and Russia at the office of the chief economist at EBRD, said Wednesday, adding that the new government should continue improving the business climate.


He said the 2015-16 EBRD transition report showed that following recession in Southest Europe, Serbia had invested less than before, and that, he added, was not enough.

Serbia needs to invest more if it wants faster economic growth. It is necessary to further improve the business climate to stimulate foreign investment inflows which bring up-to-date technology, improve productivity and competitiveness and in that way boost economic growth, Tabak told Tanjug.

Tabak said that whoever might win the elections should continue pursuing the policy of fiscal adjustment and structural reforms, something that, among other things, implied improving the legal framework and solving the problem of non-performing loans.