BELGRADE – The EU’s Madad fund, established towards a regional solution for Syrian refugees, is primarily intended for long-term assistance to refugees in neighbouring countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, and reconstruction in Syria, the European Commission has said in a statement.

Illustration - Photo: Supplied
Illustration – Photo: Supplied

Responding to a question by Tanjug about a report published by the Euractiv portal, the EC pointed to a statement ahead of Thursday’s donor conference for Syria, which contains no alleged EU requests to keep refugees in Serbia and FYROM (Macedonia).

The mandate of the Madad fund has recently been expanded to also enable it to operate in the Western Balkans after the region has been hit by an influx of Syrian refugees.

With donations from 17 countries, totalling EUR 52 million, and contributions from various EU instruments, the fund has EUR 645 million at its disposal.

The Euractiv portal reported two days ago that money from the Madad fund is also intended for keeping in place the migrants who made it to Serbia and Macedonia.