BELGRADE – Kosovo deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Hashim Thaci is determined to take charge as the next head of state of Kosovo, Gazeta Express reports. Thaci is expected to the the sole candidate of the governing coalition, comprised of his party, LDK, and minorities.


Thaci, who is also the leader of PDK, said that all procedures and deadlines will be respected regarding the election of the next president by the Parliament.

While the time for electing the new president is approaching, the government and the opposition continue to have different attitudes regarding the political processes and the next president.

Thaci’s party, PDK claim that all legal procedures are ready for electing the next president.

Adem Grabovci, chief of PDK parliament group, said that the election of the next president will happen soon and everything is within the legal deadlines.

“We expect and hope that the opposition will participate in the ceremony and the voting process. Should the opposition is present during the voting session, I can guarantee to the citizens of Kosovo that a considerable number of opposition MPs will voluntarily give Thaci their vote for the next president”, said Grabovci.