BELGRADE – The ballistics report and the examination of phone taping will reveal whether the weapons found in possession of the persons arrested in the vicinity of Visoki Decani Monastery were used in any other attack.

AP Photo / Militant Website
AP Photo / Militant Website

If this is proven, the arrested will be charged with terrorism. The prosecution is currently charging them with illegal possession of firearms, Gazeta Express reports.

A black flag with Arabic inscription, believed to be the symbol of the terrorist organization “Islamic State”, was also found in the house of one of the arrested, Kushtrim Kurti from Djakovica.

Arben Ymeri from Pristina, Alban Kelmendi from Prizren, Kushtrim Kurti and Kushtrim Rama from Djakovica, at the moment are being charged and investigated only for illegal possession of firearms, found in their car and during house raids by the police.

Valbona Disha – Haxhosaj, case prosecution, said that the prosecution will examine all the evidence, since, as of now, they are only being investigated for illegal possession of firearms. Disha-Haxhosaj did not comment whether the group intended to attack the Decani Monastery.