BELGRADE – The State of Israel welcomes Serbia’s adoption of the law on remedying the consequences of seizure of assets of Holocaust victims with no living legal heirs, the Embassy of Israel in Serbia said in a release late on Friday.


Such a Serbia should serve as example to other European countries, and this is a historic day for justice, morality, and commitment to the special relationship between the Serbs and the Jews, the Embassy said.

When we speak about restitution here, we do not speak about the horrific scale of the Holocaust committed against the Jewish people by the Nazi Germany and their collaborators, but rather about a small compensation for confiscated property, the release said.

Around 33,000 Jews lived on the territory of Serbia until 1941, and around 30,500 were killed in cold blood, it said.

“They left no living heir. The new law is a noble act of a great country that will breathe new life into the small Jewish community that it is today,” said the release.