BELGRADE – The Serbian government will send a note of protest to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) over the trial chamber’s treatment of Serbia’s representative during Wednesday’s hearing regarding warrants to arrest three Serbian Radical Party members charged with contempt of court, Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic announced.


The ICTY treated the Serbian representative in an arrogant manner and this is “another big disgrace for the tribunal”, Selakovic told a press conference, adding that Serbia will continue to cooperate with the ICTY, but in line with state and national interests.

The court refused to hear Sasa Obradovic, the coordinator of the Serbian legal team, noting that Serbia has done nothing to arrest the three.

Selakovic presented an October 8, 2015 government decision requesting Zdravko Tolimir’s provisional release due to his poor health.

“Serbia’s voice was not heard and the man has died. The Government of Serbia insists that its voice be heard,” Selakovic said.