BELGRADE – NATO fighter jets drop bombs and missiles into the Adriatic Sea, and not only in the special zone, but also near the coast. This is the latest shocking discovery that disturbed the Balkan region.


According to “” it results in creation of high concentration of toxic chemicals, and considering sea currents, this is a movable arsenal of death.

Italian journalist Gianni Lanes argues that NATO and the Italian authorities are lying when they say that there are six special zones marked in the Adriatic Sea where returning military aircrafts release bombs and missiles that were not used during their mission. According to information he obtained during his investigation, there are 24 of such zones, and they are not located only in the international waters, but also within the state territory, on both Italian and Croatian side, reported “Glas Istre”.

Zones for military waste stretch from Trieste, or the northern Adriatic Sea, to the south, to Santa Maria di Leuca, the city prior to the Strait of Otranto.

“At the bottom of the coast of Pescara, about fifty miles from Istrian coast is a huge arsenal of bombs from World War II and military NATO mission in 1999, during the bombing of Serbia. The concentration of mustard gas, phosphorus and other toxic chemicals is frightening, and bombs are subject to sea currents, so this is a movable arsenal of death.”

“Recently a mass mortality of turtles and dolphins was recorded along the Italian coast, and Italian state agency “ICRAM”, which follows this phenomenon, states that the bodies of the dead animals were covered with burns and deep wounds,” said Lanes, who will soon publish a book in which, as he said, will reveal frightening details of the great number of cases of tumors in infants.