MOSCOW – The latest deal between NATO and Serbia aims to help make Serbian citizens safer through disposal of surplus ammunition, a NATO official told Sputnik on Monday.

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“The new Trust Fund project has been developed in coordination with the Serbian authorities, to help make Serbian citizens safer,” the official said.

According to the official, NATO allies and NATO Partnership for Peace partners will provide up to 3.7 million euros (4 million dollars) for Serbia to safely dispose of around 2,000 metric tons of surplus ammunition stored at the Kragujevac military base.

“In this case, NATO Allies and Partners will help Serbia build up its technical facilities at Kragujevac for safely disposing of surplus ammunition. The agreement provides the overall legal framework to allow NATO staff to manage this project on the ground in Serbia and to assist Serbian authorities in the safe disposal of their surplus ammunition,” the official added.

On Friday, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic signed a confirmation of the country’s cooperation plan with the alliance. Serbian lawmakers ratified a diplomatic immunity agreement and logistical support for NATO representatives on February 12.

“NATO and Serbia have good relations. We fully respect Serbia’s policy of military neutrality and we work together to mutual benefit. We have good practical cooperation and a growing political dialogue. The Trust Fund project should help strengthen our relations,” NATO official said.

According to the official, the latest deal is a standard agreement concluded with all partner nations who have the so-called Trust Funds with NATO — projects in which NATO allies and partners “join together voluntarily to assist a country in addressing a particular challenge,” the official added.