Nikolic: Deal with NATO not in contravention of Constitution

Tomislav Nikolic - Photo:

BELGRADE – The law ratifying an agreement with NATO is not in contravention of the Constitution, President Tomislav Nikolic wrote for the Novosti daily, explaining why he had signed the bill into law.

Tomislav Nikolic - Photo:
Tomislav Nikolic – Photo:

The law establishes a legal framework for the cooperation, launched in 2006, with the signing of a status of forces agreement (SOFA), and then strengthened in 2014 with the adoption of an Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP), Nikolic notes.

The deal with the NATO Support and Procurement Organisation (NSPO) on logistic support cooperation does envisage diplomatic immunity for NATO troops who are in the territory of Serbia with our permission, but also implies the reciprocal treatment for our soldiers in the signatory states, the Serbian president says, adding that the same principle applies for the exemption from customs duties and other taxes.


  1. F – that!!! Anyone signing or allowing NATO any kind of movement in Serbia is a traitor and MUST be held accountable with treason! This is clearly against the Serbian people 101% with NO EXCUSE! This government is a national sell-out!!!! ask Tony Blair and his band of brothers working as his aids here in Belgrade full time! Vucic must be removed . . . straight to prison, along with Nikolic. What a disgrace to Serbia!