NMA: Nigerian governor organised organ trafficking with Hashim Thaci – report


BELGRADE – The question arises what a specialist court, before which members of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) will be tried, will do with Hashim Thaci, given the new information about his involvement in the human organ trafficking, Milovan Drecun, chairman of the Serbian parliament’s committee on Kosovo-Metohija, said on Wednesday.


Media reported that the Nigerian Medical Association accused Rochas Okorocha, a billionaire and the governor of Imo State, of organising a network for trafficking in human organs in Nigeria, in collaboration with the Kosovo former PM.

Not only had Thaci not been held accountable for the horrendous crimes, mostly committed against the abducted Serb civilians, but he had been allowed to continue with his criminal activities, and be the PM or foreign minister of some unilaterally declared state, Drecun said.


  1. . . . and they said this would be only the tip of the ice berg for this guy. Just looking at him tells me they are probably right. Those are some serious “Hate Crimes” and if during the war his name would be on a Hague warrant if doc’s filed?

  2. KLA, Kosovo and Thachi are trade names for USA friends. These friends comprise of terrorist re labelled allies, no matter what the cost. KLA, Thachi are protected by USA, their little dictatorship given to them by USA is propped up with EU and USA money, arms and what little business can be thrown their way. No-one belonging to KLA, especially Thachi will ever be brought to trial let alone justice, USA has too much at stake and too much to hide.