BELGRADE – It is clear from autopsy findings that two staff members at the Serbian Embassy in Libya, Jovica Stankovic and Sladjana Stepic, were killed in a blast casued by an air strike, Serbian Foreign Ministry Secretary General Veljko Odalovic said Thursday.


“What’s important is that one of the most reputable institutions with experts who have a lot of experience when it comes to this kind of deaths did the autopsy and filed a report that makes it clear that the two Serbian citizens were killed in an explosion during an air strike. This puts us in a clear situation concerning what happened there,” Odalovic told Belgrade-based broadcaster B92.

Commenting on the Pentagon’s denying that the two Serbian citizens were killed in a U.S. air strike in Libya last week, Odalovic said that “it will all certainly need to be clarified.”

“The prime minister was right in demanding from both intelligence and military service to provide answers to certain questions. Things are a bit easier now that the U.S. ambassador has confirmed that the target site was being observed for hundreds of hours, for months, and it is therefore impossible for them not to have all precise information,” said Odalovic.

We expect facts, not just words

Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said Thursday that an autopsy carried out in Serbia had clearly showed that two Serbian Embassy in Libya employees had been killed by a detonation, and Serbia expected those who claimed differently to be convincing it by facts and not just words.

“Serbia is ready to talk about everything, to look at all the evidence, if any, and consider any serious argument, and will accept convincing by evidence and facts rather than just words,” Stefanovic told Belgrade-based television station Prva, commenting on the Pentagon’s argument that the Serbian embassy staffers were not killed in a U.S. air strike on an IS compound in Libya last week.

Stefanovic said that Serbian and Libyan experts conducted autopsies on Jovica Stepic and Sladjana Stankovic and had clearly established that they had been killed in the air strike.