BELGRADE – Serbian Radical Party (SRS) official Vjerica Radeta said after the Hague Tribunal issued a warrant for her extradition Wednesday that she would not go to The Hague voluntarily and that there were no grounds for the accusations of the tribunal.


“Neither I nor anyone else from the team of Vojislav Seselj and the Serbian Radical Party have in any manner violated the law, nor are there any grounds for the alleged accusations from the Hague tribunal,” Radeta told Tanjug.

She believes that the Serbian government has no legal basis to extradite her and her colleagues from the SRS, Petar Jojic and Jovo Ostojic, as such a possibility does not exist in the law on cooperation with the Hague Tribunal.

“If they did it, it would be a gross violation of the Constitution of Serbia,” said Radeta.

Radeta stressed that she would not turn herself in voluntarily, adding that the tribunal’s request was not hers or the SNS’ problem, but rather something facing those currently in power.