Selakovic: We will respond to ICTY by March 15 deadline


BELGRADE – Serbia will timely respond to an order by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) to inform the court of any difficulties it may have regarding Vojislav Seselj’s appearance before the trial chamber on the date his verdict is to be announced, says Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic.


“We will respond within the set deadline,” he told Pink.

The trial chamber has issued a March 15 deadline for Belgrade to inform the ICTY of any difficulties it may have in executing an order to ensure that Seselj, the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) leader, attends the March 31 announcement of the verdict.

Serbia’s legal representative at the ICTY has said that a report the government has prepared for the UN SC to complain of problems caused by an ICTY trial of three SRS members and the Seselj case is not aimed at postponing the announcement.


  1. What an absolute mockery of the entire legal system and pathetic joke! It is quite obvious to the entire world that the Serbian Government is going to continue to attempt to manuever, lie, and avoid arresting the accused defendants. Instead of Serbian judiciary actually doing the right thing by doing their jobs and simply arresting the accused defendants, you have another corrupt Serbian politician such as Nikola Selakovic, informing the world that the Serbian goverment intends on letting the Hugue Tribunal know why they continue avoid doing their jobs by placating the Hague Tribunal bogus reports every two weeks.