Serbian government to financially support EXIT for six years


BELGRADE – The Serbian government will financially support Exit festival for the next six years, Serbian Prime Minister Alekasandar Vucic and Dusan Kovacevic, director of the festival, said Tuesday.


They said that the stable funding would facilitate Exit’s further expansion and participation in various projects, such as Novi Sad’s candidacy for European Capitals of Culture 2021.

Vucic confirmed that the three plus three years agreement on cooperation and support for Exit would be signed in the coming days, to his great satisfaction, since the international awards won by the youth festival had made him proud both as a citizen and as the prime minister.

“You have again made us proud by the results you have achieved and the fact that you have made Serbia special and raised its reputation in Europe and the world,” Vucic told a press conference after meeting with representatives of the festival and Novi Sad Mayor Milos Vucevic in Belgrade today.

Vucic said that Exit would use the money given by the Serbian government to organize the festival in the best way possible.


  1. EXIT cannot be considered a genuine success if it is not self-supporting after all these years. The fact that it requires huge amounts of money from the Serbian government shows it is a drain.
    But does this announcement mean that EXIT will finally be on its own after 6 years, or will it be a perpetual drain.

    The fact that foreign countries and media praise it does not mean it is necessarily good for Serbia, since they praise things that are in line with their own agendas which often conflict with those which are the best for Serbs. There is some political background to EXIT and that is one reason why foreign governments and western media praise it – the same ones which cheerleaded the bombing of Serbs and theft of Serbian land.