US Ambassador: No doubt that Serbia will be a leader in South East Europe


BELGRADE – It is important for Serbia to carry on with reforms to get to a more dynamic growth and to improve its business climate, U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott said Thursday, adding that there was no doubt that Serbia would be a leader in South East Europe.


It is vital to recognize the crucial role played here by the private sector and also the roles played by all of you in the Serbian economy, Scott said during an AmCham General Assembly Meeting in Belgrade.

He said that improving the business climate meant creation of new jobs, opening doors to innovations, technological development, improving competitiveness and encouraging entrepreneurship.

The U.S. will do everything possible to help your efforts, and I truly hope you will reach your goals on the road to the EU, Scott said.


  1. And that comment was absolute propaganda. In other words… We “hope” all will go well with our latest scam.

  2. “there was no doubt that Serbia would be a leader in South East Europe”

    How to categorise this kind of statements? It is clear patronization that targets Serbian sense of pride with the purpose of positive public opinion towards the country represented by Kyle Scott. Mr. Scott, empty words are free of charge. If you have serbian prosperity in mind and heart than you should propose concrete steps to your government such as returning Kosovo in serbian jurisdiction.
    Why? Serbia is not more or less in situation where it do not deserve to be and mostly by actions performed by your government. Actions are louder than sweet talking.