BELGRADE – US Ambassador Kyle Scott informed Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic Saturday that a statement made by a Pentagon spokesman two days ago about the causes of the deaths of two Serbian embassy staffers killed in Libya does not reflect the official position of the US administration.


The statement was based on incomplete information and the official position of the US administration will be announced following an investigation, he said.

At a meeting with Vucic, Scott said that an analysis of evidence from a bomb site in Sabratha is underway and that autopsy reports are an important factor in the investigation, but that drawing the final conclusions will take time, the Serbian government press office said in a statement.

They agreed that establishing the full truth about the tragic deaths of Sladjana Stankovic and Jovica Stepic is a common objective for their countries.

Vucic said that the Serbian government is ready to share with the US the information it has obtained so far, including the autopsy reports.

The Pentagon on Thursday denied the claims that the diplomats were killed in last week’s US air strikes on an ISIS facility.