BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic confirmed Saturday that a US airstrike carried out in Libya killed two abducted Serbian diplomats and provided the names of alleged kidnappers of Serbian citizens.

The US airstrike targeted a terrorist training camp in the northwestern Libyan town of Sabratha on Friday. Serbian officials have indicated that two of their diplomats, kidnapped last November, were killed in the assault.

“The Serbian citizens and others incidentally fell victim to the conflict of foreign countries and foreign interests,” Vucic said.

According to the Serbian prime minister, the kidnapped diplomats would have been released, “if they had not been killed in the US airstrike.”

The prime minister, citing intelligence information, said that the members of Ahmed Habashi’s family who are engaged in kidnapping and smuggling people through Italy, were likely behind the attack.
Besides, according to Vucic, representatives of the US side told him they were unaware that Serbian citizens could have been affected by the airstrike.

Two Serbian Embassy staff members were abducted on November 29 near Sabratha. The incident took place when unknown people attacked a column comprising three vehicles — two diplomatic cars and a security vehicle. Serbian Ambassador to Libya Oliver Potezica was also in the motorcade but he escaped unharmed.