Vucic: EU not as attractive as it used be


LONDON – Serbia will go on along the EU path, although the bloc is not as attractive to the country as it used to be, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said in London on Monday, adding that it would continue cooperating with the Russian Federation despite all pressures.


“I have told them openly the EU is not as attractive as it used to be, but we are rational people and we know this is the best for our country. I have told them unambiguously that we continue our cooperation with the Russian Federation,“ Vucic told reporters on the sidelines of an EBRD investment summit.

“I have also told Croatia’s representatives that they were disinterested in joint projects with Serbia (…) With all others, we cooperate seriously and diligently,” the Serbian PM said.


  1. Really? You all got rich during the eighty’s like the Americans; just like them, and now after the proverbial bubble bursts, you piss on your legs. A capitalistic society is designed to do just what it did, and most of that energy spent is on keeping the people from getting a piece of the pie… just like now. Now the banks start over by causing war(getting rich) and then to rebuild(getting more rich), then bla blablabla. A sickening repetition.

  2. Yugoslavia did not get rich in the eighties. There were growing problems and dissatisfaction – and U.S. law makers like Bob Dole enacted laws to stop financing of Yugoslavia – Concurrent Resolution 150. This was to cause even more dissatisfaction and strikes to help soften the unity of the country up for the planned dismantling.

    The U.S. and EU are enemies of Serbia and its people and Serbia should not put itself under EU dictates.

    You are an enemy of Serbia giving it bad advice. You just want to push the EU or U.S. agenda.

    • Well said jj, as for Vucic he was not even a factor during the 80s, and with the growing anti EU sentiments he is trying to edit his tune but it is not likely to be taken for a face value.