Vucic: I am being given lessons about NATO by hypocrites


BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Tuesday that Serbia remained militarily neutral, but we needed NATO as ally, to protect and guard Serbian people in Kosovo-Metohija.


Answering to criticism concerning Serbia’s agreement with NATO which facilitates NATO movement on Serbian territory, coming from part of the right wing opposition, Vucic said the criticism was political hypocrisy of those who pretended to be protectors of Kosovo and the Serbs in Kosovo.

Vucic pointed out that the agreement had been signed during another government’s term, that it had then been ratified, and only now it had become a topic, out of political and not really patriotic reasons.

“The agreement has become a topic just now, and not when it was signed, as I am to meant to be the topic and target and not those who signed it,” Vucic told a press conference in Belgrade.

Vucic said that Serbia bore all the costs of the joint operations with NATO, and he did not think that the agreement was bad for Serbia, stressing that Serbia was a sovereign country that could make any decisionalways and at all times.


  1. I’m kinda starting to dig this guy, NATO will be there no matter who likes it or not as it is destiny!
    And by the way, bottom line is it will be good for Serbia and the region

    • NATO would be there even though its purpose is in the past now, that doesn’t mean they should be considered an ‘ally’ when they were responsible for war crimes like bombing the houses of civilians, hospitals and media channels. They did not even spare the refugee shelters, making them an ‘ally’ means condoning these crimes against the people of a country. It will not be good for the region, it would cause mistrust and dependency on criminals.

    • No it will not. NATO is going to keep pushing until WWIII happens. It is too greedy and power hungry. They are going to push and push Russia until Russia responds with its nukes.

  2. Calling the organization that brutally held the entire nation hostage in order to carve out a large chunk of it’s territory an “ally” is reprehensible, no matter what the realpolitik situation dictates. That’s the same organization that not so long before Kosovo decided that the territorial integrity supersedes self-determination of people in case of Krajina, and initiated the largest successful ethnic cleansing in Europe post-WWII. Four years later, self-determination superseded territorial integrity. Not to even start arguing that the “borders” were drawn as administrative units under a communist dictator.
    Yes, the organization is still there and one has to deal with it, but why use the inappropriate and self-humiliating terms like “ally” or “friend”?
    The choice here is simple. In view of the global power shifts, the organization has armed it’s new member Croatia with weaponry that is clearly only meant to pose a threat to Serbia and nothing else. So, either you counter and neutralize the threat by acquiring defensive weaponry from the opposing power, or you acquiesce in the organization’s plan and put yourself into even more subservient position. If you do the later, you must be prepared to face the consequences that will come from the opposing power, which will leave you completely at mercy of the organization inherently hostile to your national interest. Not a pretty choice, but that’s that. Maybe if there was no unnecessary coziness with the hostile organization all these years, it wouldn’t have come to this. Realpolitik was not used to that end, but it is invoked now, when it fits the clueless government of Serbia.