Vulin: Kosovo is not a state and cannot become one

Illustration - Photo: RFE/RL

BELGRADE – Kosovo is not a state because there is no law or justice there for either Serbs or Albanians and because not even all of those who live in the territory accept it as a state, Serbian Minister of Labour, Employment and Veteran and Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin said Wednesday.

Illustration - Photo: RFE/RL
Illustration – Photo: RFE/RL

Commenting on the anniversary of Kosovo’s self-proclaimed independence and the announced protests in Pristina, Vulin said that this best illustrates that a territory cannot become a state just because someone says so.

The problem is that big powers are reluctant to admit that they have made a mistake and recognised something that is not a state and cannot become one, something that is based on “force, violence and organs torn out of Serbs,” Vulin told reporters in Belgrade.

Serbia and Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s government will never recognise Kosovo’s independence, he said.


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