BELGRADE – The Association of Families of Persons Kidnapped and Murdered in Kosovo-Metohija Thursday commemorated the pogrom of March 17, 2004, stressing that they wanted truth and justice for the Serb victims.

Dragan Palibrk, lawyer at the association, said that he had for years been asking the question if anyone who had inflicted injustice upon people whose images were on the banners of the Association would ever be tried for their crimes.

I am aware that the atrocities committed against these individuals are not being tried today and that nobody is even close to being convicted, Palibrk said, stressing that a crime was a crime regardless of the nationality of the one who had committed it and that pain was pain and a victim was a victim regardless of their nationality.

Speaking to reporters gathered in front of the “Serbian wailing wall,” where pictures of over 2,500 kidnapped and killed civilians, soldiers and police officers were put up last year, President of the Association Simo Spasic said that only the Serbs had not been given the right to know the truth and justice had not been done to the Serb victims.

Stressing that The Hague tribunal was a “proven unjust institution,” Spasic said that the families were seeking justice and would not allow anyone to prevent them, by blackmail and money, from seeking it.

We seek justice and want to say to the Special Court set up to try crimes committed by the KLA against Serbs that the families want justice to be done. If this court does not prosecute and convict KLA commanders, it means there is no justice in the world and no justice for the Serb families, said Spasic.