Bus with Serbs stoned in Kosovo


ISTOK – Unknown assailants stoned a bus carrying Serbs in the village of Padaliste, in the municipality of Istok in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM), on Thursday evening. No one was injured, but damage was made.

The incident took place around 5 p.m. when the bus was stoned while carrying around 40 Serb passengers on the route from Belgrade to Gorazdevac.

The owner of the bus operator Vesko Repanovic told Tanjug that no one was injured, but two side windows were broken. The case was reported to the Kosovo police.

Repanovic said the bus was stoned by an unknown group of assailants.

The bus had Kosovo’s license plates.


  1. This is their bravery? This is the weak and vulnerable, the poor victims of so called Serb hatred? Only as the world stands by and turns a blind eye, exactly as they did to the war crimes committed against Serbs do these cowards get away with their own petty little war, in the knowledge that USA/EU and all those they have hoodwinked protect them. They would never stand and face Serbia like real men, not then, not now, they needed USA and NATO exactly as they do now. Without every Serb stripped of their rights and assured to get no justice whatsoever should he defend himself, can these “people” continue their nasty vindictive and truly exploitative behaviour.