BELGRADE – The use of depleted uranium during NATO bombing of Serbia has caused long-term damage to Serbia and the Serbian people. Because every year we have an increase in the number of cancer cases by 25 percent over the previous year. Figures in the case of patients in Kosovska Mitrovica support this fact, as in 2011 here were registered 185 of them, the following year, 225 and in 2013 – 250. Therefore, the gloomy forecasts, imposed back in 2002, that the use of depleted uranium during the aggression of Western military alliance against FRY will cause an epidemic of malignant diseases, turned out to be accurate, said dr. Nebojsa Srbljak for Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

Dr Srbljak, a cardiologist at the ZTC in Kosovska Mitrovica and founder of the NGO “Angel of Mercy” which deals with data on the number of patients with malignancy in Kosovo, explained for the daily that “those who used the depleted uranium had to know what consequences it causes”. He said that the study of his organization, which cover the period of two years before and two years after the bombing, clearly shows that the number of patients with malignant diseases is caused by radioactivity, and not stress and other bad life habits.

“Let us remember the example of Italy which has revealed that their soldiers, who stayed in Kosovo, were irradiated and that the increased number of hematological diseases is a direct consequence of the use of depleted uranium ammunition,” said dr. Srbljak. “Italian KFOR soldiers were deployed where the most of the ammunition with depleted uranium was used, in Pec, Djakovica, in Kosare. Their families, as far as I know, have received compensation.”

Dr. Srbljak urges the authorities that our country formally request compensation, not only for material damage but also because of the increase in the number of patients with malignant diseases. The cardiologist claims that someone was trying to minimize the information he and his team published back in 2002 that the number of patients with malignant diseases was increased by almost 200 percent compared to the period before the bombing.

“It became clear that we are right when our neighbors Albanians started to go to Belgrade for a treatment. Because, and that is obvious, they have confidence in the expertise of Serbian doctors. I therefore think that our proposal, to open a branch of Oncology Institute in Belgrade here in (Kosovska) Mitrovica could finally be realized.”


  1. Good article, thanks.
    Here in France I’m trying to raise awareness regarding “depleted” uranium weapons.
    A fact is : these weapons work with a share of U235, because it’s the U235 that has the added radioactive value to bring heat (alpha radioactivity means production of heat) and thus the ability of the uranium to burn (called pyrophoricity). U238 is 6 times less radioactive than U235.
    This ability is used militarily to destroy tanks and kill people.
    So the scandal is : these weapons use U235 to burn people alive (in addition to what is already known regarding their radioactive heritage and history of cancers and congenital malformations).

    See my website : [link]

    • Looked with interest, since NATO’s use of depleted uranium in Serbia, I have been doing as much writing and information I can on the the use of this lethal weapon that will be killing for generations to come. Maybe my approach is more political, but in some areas there has been 300% increase in cancers all terminal. I would wish to see USA being brought to book for its use of depleted uranium in Serbia. UN has revealed some 200 sites where depleted uranium was dumped – their reluctance to reveal lethal areas means there are immense numbers of areas still without knowing. Much more publicity is needed to expose the true use of this killer and to the extent it has been used.

  2. We have a similar problem in BiH…although I am not aware of any definitive studies-many feel it is the direct result of NATO using DU munitions against VRS targets. There is also the often unreported issue of unused bombs being dumped in the Adriatic Sea by returning NATO aircraft to Italy. I understand that the west coast of Istria is particularly effected.

    • Yes the sea is ,become dangerously polluted with NATO ‘s dumping of bombs of depleted uranium – it is a serious problem, again reluctantly acknowledged by NATO.

  3. “It became clear that we are right when our neighbors Albanians started to go to Belgrade for a treatment.”

    And how many Kosovo Albanians have come to Belgrade for cancer treatment after the war – is there not any numbers/statistics?
    When the UN pressed NATO, NATO listed/mapped the locations and said most was along and to the west of some highway in Kosmet. So most is in the southwest and at the border areas with Macedonia, and southern Serbia. I think though that the post-Milosevic Serbian government cleaned up and agreed to store the contaminated soil.

  4. We all live on their Master time and on their selected farms, in different cities and regions of this planet.
    And no one is spared by them, for their lust for Blood and control over the vast populations of who lives and who dies, is their steady diet of evil hunger that keeps them in power (Oligarch-es) that feed off of all the millions and millions of working class citizens around the world, like you and me who are just trying to make a fair living to be able to live in the first place . Remember, 365 days a year of conditioning from childhood to adult, under their umbrella / institutions where everything is for sale and everyone who has lost their compassion for human kind and themselves. What do we honestly expect from this world and this life ?
    We continue to be manipulated and entertained on a daily bases … as the saying goes “there is no business like show business”( weapons of mass destruction like smart TV in our own homes) steal our God given freedom, through our thoughts, and our future children .
    How do we really know what is good for us or even separate the good from the bad ? if they control and hold so much of our education and thoughts in their hands . Lets Think for our self’s for a change to STOP and leave their business of creating Cancer for their soul interest in making Billions.
    We all need to first learn how to think for our-self and stop playing their divide and conquer games !
    Then we can start healing as intelligent beings from inside out, and learn to stop all forms of CANCER that we are exposed to and not only De-pleated uranium .

  5. This is much worse than chemical weapons that Saddam was accused of. You think Clinton and his buddies should also be considered for hanging?


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