Djuric: Aim of March pogrom was to expell all Serbs from Kosovo

Photo: Tanjug / Bojan Slavkovic

GRACANICA – A commemorative ceremony has been held in Gracanica on Thursday to mark 12 years since the March pogrom, and Director of the Office for Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) Marko Djuric said the aim of the pogrom had been to expel the very last Serb from KiM.

That was mass and orchestrated violence that could not possibly take place without thorough preparations, Djuric said.

Djuric underscored that the March pogrom should have been the last phase in the scheme whose aim had been an absolute ethnic cleansing and expulsion of all Serbs.

This was prevented with the overdue reaction of international forces, but even more so with the heroic resolve of our people to remain in these areas, Djuric said, urging Serbs to stay proud and courageous.

Djuric noted that Pristina had been home to 50,000 Serbs, and Kosovo Polje to over 20,000 Serbs and all those people – 247,000 in total had been forced to flee the province because of their nationality.


  1. Serbia has been blamed and still currently blamed for all aggressions in the Balkans, they started it, comited all the crimes – well you would be forgiven for not believin it so listening to the way USA and EU bang on about this one country yet all other participants in the 1990s war in the Balkans were responsible for barely anything but the burden of victim. For once in their lying, manipulating, self serving and hate directed language and actions, cannot USA just shut it’s mouth because anyone with half a brain finds their ramblings an insult to their intelligence – to intentionally and blatantly ignore and cover up the crimes, genocide and terror caused by those other than Serbs is pretty much stretching the imagination even by America’s standards. All we have seen is Serbs tracked down, arrested, paraded through the Hague and convicted and imprisoned. Really? Do not treat others with the same morally degenerate standards that USA clearly has.