DRAGAS – Director of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) Marko Djuric said Tuesday that a statement made by Vice-President of the European Parliament Ulrike Lunacek that Serbia could not join the EU before recognizing Kosovo’s independence was just a personal opinion.

When it comes to Ms Lunacek, I can only say that she is just one of hundreds and hundreds of deputies in the European Parliament, said Djuric.

I respect her opinion but that is only her personal view, Djuric said, stressing that Serbia’s position was completely different.

Lunacek reiterated her position that Serbia cannot join the EU without recognizing Kosovo, the Albanian ATA news agency reported on Monday.

The Albanian agency said that Lunacek made the statement at a forum on development of relations between “Serbia and Kosovo,” organized by the German Heinrich Boell Foundation in Berlin.

According to ATA, Lunacek is urging the five EU countries that have not recognized Kosovo independence to do so and she stressed at the forum that it had to happen.