BELGRADE – Director of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) Marko Djuric said Wednesday that the Trepca industrial complex was Serbian and that Belgrade would not let anyone play games with Serbia’s property.

“Any attempt to take Trepca away illegally is a violation and trampling on our rights, “Djuric told reporters in Belgrade.

He said solutions to all business relations should be found in a civilized manner and not through threats or government sessions, such as yesterday’s in Pristina, which served internal political use.

Djuric said he was confident that those attempting to unilaterally seal the fate of Trepca today knew very well that Serbia and Trepca creditors were in possession of all the papers showing that Trepca was owned by the Republic of Serbia, i.e. by a company owned by the Republic of Serbia.