BELGRADE – Some 500 migrants sent back from Croatia are now in Presevo, and hundreds of refugees are in the village of Tabanovce on the Macedonian border, Director of the Center for Protection and and Assistance to Asylum Seekers Rados Djurovic said Tuesday.

Berkasovo, 20. oktobra 2015 - Migranti sa Bliskog istoka u privremenom smestaju u blizini srpsko-hrvatske granice kod Berkasova. Na granici izmedju Srbije i Hrvatske vise stotina izbeglica sa Bliskog istoka ceka da udje u Hrvatsku, posto je prelaz Berkasovo-Bapska, kod Sida, hrvatska granicna policija zatvorila u 11 sati. FOTO TANJUG / MARKO DJOKOVIC / tj

As the last country on the Balkan Route before the EU border, Serbia is in an unenviable position, and a solution for the migrant crisis is not in sight; and until a consensus is reached on the issue of migrant crisis within the EU, the situation will only be growing more difficult, Djurovic told Radio Television of Serbia.

He said he did not think Serbia and Macedonia were able to stop the intercontinental migration.

“We have in Presevo about 500 people that have been sent back from Croatia, and there are hundreds of refugees in the Macedonian village of Tabanovce,” Djurovic said.

“These people do not want to stay here and they see us as an obstacle preventing them from going further,” said Djurovic.