BELGRADE – The suspected hijacker of an EgyptAir plane is arrested, Cyprus Foreign ministry said in a tweet, the stand-off is over.

The hijacker emerged from the aircraft with his hands in the air, state TV said.​

​The hijacker of EgyptAir’s A320 airliner that was forced to land at Cyprus’ Larnaca airport has been detained, a spokesman for the Cypriot government said Tuesday.

“The hijacker has just been arrested,” Nikos Christodoulides said on Twitter.

According to local broadcaster Sigma TV, the hijacker was not carrying any explosives.

Earlier in the day, a man hijacked an Airbus A320 en route from Egypt’s Alexandria to Cairo with at least 60 people on board.

The plane subsequently landed in the Cyprus Larnaca airport where the hijacker, a single male suicide bomber, released major part of the passengers.