FYROM President: We saved Europe “from jihadists”

Photo: AP

BELGRADE – In an interview with German newspaper Bild, FYROM (Macedonia) President Gjorge Ivanov accused the EU of having a ‘careless attitude’ in regards to his country, which has not received any financial assistance, although, according to him, it saved Europe” from jihadists”.

Ivanov stated that Macedonia was constantly deceived by EU countries, but now has to solve the EU’s problems on its own.

“In the refugee crisis, we are now paying for EU’s mistakes. We already had to spend 25 million euros of our taxpayers’ money […]. And what did we get from Europe? Nothing! Not a cent! Instead, as a non-EU country we have now to protect Europe from another EU country, namely Greece,” Ivanov said.

According to Ivanov, Macedonia has faced a similar situation during the conflict in Kosovo, when the country accepted 360,000 Albanians from Kosovo without any assistance from the EU.

“It is not the first time that Macedonia has been abandoned by the EU in trouble, we’ve seen that! When we accepted 360,000 refugees during the Kosovo war, nobody helped us,” the politician stressed.

Ivanov also said that Macedonian authorities have identified 9,000 counterfeit passports during border inspections. He believes that extremists are trying to infiltrate Europe under the guise of refugees. According to the politician, the current refugee crisis has both humanitarian and security dimensions, and Germany has shown humanity, but failed to ensure security for the European continent.

“Just one example: we wanted to share information on these jihadists with Europe, Germany, but nobody wanted our data. They told us: we can’t work with you, you are a third country, and we cannot exchange information with you,” Ivanov said.

Ivanov also stated that the EU repeatedly deceived Macedonia with regard to its possible membership in the bloc. The issue has been repeatedly discussed, but each time came to a standstill because of Greece’s opposition.

Earlier, Macedonia and Serbia had closed their borders to undocumented migrants trying to enter the Schengen area. The decision has been supported by Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, but prompted criticism from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


  1. Again, FYRoM finds itself at odds with mainstream European thinking. FYRoM’s decision to close the border, on the pretext of saving Europe, was nothing short of opportunism…exploiting a situation to harm Greece, and get it’s name in the international press all at the same time.

    It was miscalculation, a political mistake to side with Visegrad group in order to isolate Greece from the rest of Europe. Why? Because the v4 group in Europe is looked down upon like dissenting group.

    Old-European values, well developed (western) high culture, finds v4 – FYRoM actions, closing borders, fencing off Greece, under the banner of saving Europe from jihadists, is disingenuous and crude unrefined primitive way to carve-up, redraw, reshape, Europe.

  2. The only rhetoric being played out is the one whereby Greece a EU state is not processing refugees and then sending them off to Germany. However, Greece has decided to actively participate in the purposeful and malicious destabilisation of the Balkans. In regards to Macedonia siding with the V4 is sound a move in order to salvage the Balkans from an already complicated situation where the rising tide of Jihadism and Wahhabism in Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina is a an existential threat to not only the Balkan states but also the EU including Greece.

    In a particular to the re-shaping of European borders any wise and rational individual will take note that the UK and US have been doing quite a fine job since WW1. I am quite sure that Macedonia neither Serbia has the political or military muscle in this day of age to successfully draw some new borders and take back old territory. Furthermore, the so called new mechanism that has been actively used by the Liberal Left of the EU and US is to saturate the main stream media with images, sound bites and meta-narratives of a humanitarian disaster that could have been avoided if the US and coalition by default stopped for once intervening in other countries internal affairs we might not have a once thriving Syria looking like an apocalyptic landscape.

    Finally, the V4 have at least taken a step to what might be the formation of new block of nations that don’t have Brussels or Berlin telling the rest of Europe how to manage their sovereignty. At least with the V4 plus Poland and the south Slavic states we have someone standing up for the Slavs and preventing another European war starting in the Balkans.

  3. Poor Yunanistan (Greece), once again the victim. And of course, MACEDONIA, is the big massive enemy that seems to bully it all the time.
    And this journalist sponsored by hatred forgets it’s country recognised it as MACEDONIA and fyrom.