Lunacek: Serbia can not become EU member without recognizing Kosovo

BELGRADE – Vice President of the European Parliament Ulrike Lunacek reiterated the position that Serbia can not join the EU without recognizing Kosovo, reports ATA.

Albanian news agency states that Lunacek said this at the forum “The development of the relations between Serbia and Kosovo”, which was organized in Berlin by the German Heinrich Boell Foundation, at which, beside her, guests were Bodo Weber from the Council for Democratic politics and Pristina Mayor Shpend Ahmeti.

ATA reports that Lunacek said that she is “constantly engaged and requires that five EU countries recognize the independence of Kosovo” and that “it has to happen”.

At the same forum Weber, according to the Albanian agency, said that “membership in the EU for Serbia before Kosovo should not be allowed, because no one can guarantee that Serbia will not block Kosovo’s membership in the EU”.


  1. Does anyone really care anymore about both EU and some uppity Albo-deranged German hag, vice president of whatever? Well, maybe Vucic does…

  2. The above are the comments of a person without the power or the authority to make such statements. Lunacek’s anti-Serbia stance might have something to do with her disapproval of the widespread religiously-based resistance in Serbia to gay marriage and the gay pride parade… she is a leading gay activist in the EU. She has also focused her relations in the former Yugoslavia with Bosnia and on Kosovo, following the path set by fellow Green Party activist Joscka Fischer who led the Greens’ conversion from being an anti-war party in Germany to the party most strongly in favor of the civilian-infrastructure bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. Despite her repeated demands that the five EU states that refuse to recognize Kosovo change their positions, she has no authority to compel them to do so, nor is there any sign that countries like Spain will set a precedent for their own dismemberment. Naturally, she opposes letting Serbia into the EU before “Kosova” because Serbia would certainly veto separate membership for its currently NATO-occupied southern province, just as Spain would block membership for an independent Catalonia… so even before Serbia is invited aboard the sinking EU ship, its right to the same prerogatives is being denied. But that’s fine, because we are not fools enough to enter that union, if invited or even if bribed.

  3. The first offence here is that such a lunatic is invited as a featured speaker before the Heinrich Boell Foundation. Fifty years ago I read Heinrich Boell’s depiction of the spiritual wreckage, the hopelessness, that had become of Germany in the wake of World War II. It was unpitying almost to the point of contempt. The imagery was asstark, the spirit dark, and the language unforgettable — not unlike what one could imagine of a Kafka updated. To think that an organization founded in his name now promotes such as this is as much an abomination as is the notion that the Ford Foundation carries on the will and traditions of Henry Ford.

  4. Who cares about EU ? It is dead in the water, sooner rather than later filled with non-Europeans, those guiding the EU in its crazed multi-cultural obsessed megalomaniac fantasy are on self destruct and dragging everyone down with them. Serbia, in reality, have nothing to do with EU, choose your own friends, Russia is perfect. When EU is on the skids, take Kosovo back.