Macedonia: Albanians Wage Increasingly Violent War of Monuments

AP Photo/ Boris Grdanoski

BELGRADE – Macedonia’s Albanians put up monuments in the shape of Albania’s coat of arms in Macedonia’s capital, while demolishing a construction site for a Christian monument in an increasingly violent conflict.

While both sides deny their monuments are meant to be divisive, Albanians and Macedonians in Macedonia’s capital Skopje are pursuing an increasingly violent war of monuments.

Ethnic Albanians attacked a Macedonian man who funded a new monument in Skopje’s Cair district, a Christian cross, and later bulldozed the construction site. Demonstrators also set up tents on the site and put up Albanian flags.

In February, the DUI party installed a monument in Cair commemorating the beginning of the 2001 conflict between Albanians from the Kosovo Liberation Army and the Macedonian government. On that day, eight Macedonian soldiers and policemen were tortured and burned in a fire after being ambushed and kidnapped by Albanian militants.

Local government chairman Izet Medziti claimed that Skopje must resemble Brussels, not Beirut, as a city of ethnic harmony, where minarets are put in mosques and crosses are kept in churches.

Photo: patriotic_macedonia  / Instagram
Photo: patriotic_macedonia / Instagram

Macedonian authorities previously put up two other monumental crosses, including the Millenium Cross, a local landmark, which angered ethnic Albanian politicians in the country.

The demonstration was attended by parliamentarians from Macedonia’s ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration party, which is allied to the opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM). Education minister and party member Abdulakim Ademi was also in attendance.

Macedonia faces elections in April, to which local media have attributed the conflict. The country’s United States embassy also takes an active position in the country’s tense ethnic and political landscape.


  1. We cannot expect brutes to act differently, associate with those brutes enough time and you become just like them. It’s a wonder how they keep repeating they are not Islamist fundamentalists and deny their association with any fanatical movement they keep violating the monuments. Any symbol that promotes a terrorist organization which is known for criminal trafficking should be tracked and dealt with swiftly.
    P.S: It’s very fitting that their model city is NATO capital, they are adept at being the echo of their owners.

  2. Keep your cross over ur religious sites. Which means to any party. I am Albanian orthodox and I don’t agree with going back to Middle Ages life style.
    Further more. Macedonians are Bulgarians or Serbs who are trying to claim ,impose their existence over the land and history that is not theirs at all. The best solution is western Macedonia goes to Albania, and east Macedonia goes to Bullgaria or Serbia…whoever likes you.

    • It does not necessarily mean middle ages, people have the right to religious expression so long as it doesn’t aim to clashes.
      “Macedonians” are Slavic people whose language is South Slavic. They did not impose their existence there, they lived there since the times of Slavic tribes mixing during the time of Thracian.They can be parted into administrative districts since it is a made up country.

  3. I read a Macedonian article which says that they have discovered 90,000 fake Albanian voters – and that those 90,000 are most likely non-existent people. I know that the books are cooked after a census is taken to make the Albanian population look larger than it is too.
    Electoral Commission (Macedonia): 90,000 fictitious Albanian voters [link]

  4. Macedonia is Illyrian Albanian land, and it will again go to its ancient people, period!!!
    Then we the Albanian Christians shall erect crosses were we deem fit, without insulting other Albanians of different faiths, period!!!

    • Certainly not being a racist right? Erecting crosses, crescents or any other monument is the right of every citizen of every community. The claim to Illyrian descent belongs not solely to today’s Albanians either.

  5. Everywhere they are, they claim to take the Land over!
    After Kosovo, now the second Afghanistan in the middle of Europe is being funded!

  6. Albanian `Christians’ are here – fighting valiantly for the `rights’ of Albanian Islamo-facist organ traders.