Nikolic: Hashim Thaci is a president of non-existent state

Photo: Tanjug / Supplied

BELGRADE – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said Thursday that he cannot attend the inauguration of Kosovo President Hashim Thaci because, for him, Kosovo-Metohija does not exist as an independent state.

Nikolic told reporters in Belgrade that he has not seen the invitation for the inauguration, which he said has “arrived in the media,” but added that he does not belong there since he is the president of Serbia.


  1. Kosovo was taken, ripped from Serbia by a country who placed it upon itself to redesign the Balkans. Because this country (USA) says it is so does not make it right. This action has been a complete violation, illegal and totally reviling – Kosovo can never be recognised as an independent country, plain and simply because it is not. USA took it without any justification.