BELGRADE – The Serbian police said Monday that an unknown man around 50 years old detonated an explosive device in a pastry shop in downtown Belgrade at about half past noon on Monday but an investigation had shown that it was not a terrorist act.

According to a release from the Serbian Interior Ministry, it was not a terrorist act, as before activating the explosive device, the person had requested the two employees and one customer to immediately leave the shop.

The person blowed himself up after that, but nobody was killed or injured, and only a minor material damage was done to the shop, said the release.

The police said earlier that an unknown man was killed after he had activated an explosive device in the pastry shop in Ilija Garasanin Street at 12.38 p.m..

The police immediately took to the site to determine all the facts and circumstances of the event.

The tragedy took place in the Petkovic pastry shop, on the corner of Takovska and Ilija Garasanin Streets, when an unidentified person entered the shop, made everyone present leave it and then set off the explosive device.