Pupovac: Position of Serbs in Croatia worsening


BELGRADE – The position of Croatia’s ethnic Serbs kept improving until the country’s EU accession, but the situation is now worsening, Serb National Council President Milorad Pupovac said.

“Things are worsening, primarily due to pressure from the opposition and some other forces that, following the EU accession and the acquittals in the ICTY, concluded that an anti-minority policy can be pursued in Croatia,” Pupovac told the N1.

Those forces want to create a concept of a Croatia where tolerance and freedom of thought are reduced and anti-Serb sentiments renewed, he said.

Presenting a bulletin titled “Hate speech and violence against Serbs in 2015” – which lists cases of ethnically motivated violence, threats and hate speech against Croatia’s Serbs – he said that the number of cases of hatred and violence is on the rise, but ignored by Croatian institutions.


  1. Croatia another child to USA/EU wet nurse – without protection and backing from these malevolent, bloodsucking organisations Croatia would have no guts to pursue it’s ethnic hatred, as it did cleansing during the Balkans in the 1990s. As USA/EU throw it’s weight behind those who were once their mortal enemies through two world wars and turn on those who stood brave and fast and saved so many allied servicemen and civilians – why would anyone trust the venom tongue of USA/EU but those of similar vein.