Radovan Karadzic to appeal judgment


THE HAGUE – Peter Robinson, a member of Radovan Karadzic’s legal team, said he would appeal the judgment of the Hague Tribunal which sentenced the first president of Republika Srpska to 40 years in prison for genocide and crimes in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), foreign news agencies reported.

Robinson told reporters Karadzic was disappointed and astonished because he was found guilty of orchestrating Serb crimes across BiH during the 1992-1995 war.

Karadzic was convicted of genocide against the Muslim population in the area of Srebrenica in 1995, crimes in Sarajevo, hostage-taking and a large number of war crimes in seven Bosnian municipalities.

Karadzic and the Hague Tribunal’s prosecution have the right to appeal the judgment.


  1. Radovan Karadzic has every right and every reason to appeal this judgement and sentence – of course he will not get it, because these pius squeeky clean people who cast life and death over others, especially on the behest of USA wholly responsible for the purging of every military Serb who was in the Balkans war, being brought to book guilty as charged with no true investigation and guilty regardless. USA would never, and has never admitted responsibility for its mistakes, wrong doing or false accusations and imprisonmental. USA/NATO would rather bury people alive than have their wrongful incarceration and the taint on their names be admitted by USA who seems to think it is running it’s own private crusade to rid this world of all evils. It has done the complete opposite. We live today with the direct consequences of USA self appointed action against Serbia. Today we know how it was for Serbs then. If there had been enough Albanian’s, Croats and of all other factions brought to the Hague to face their own war crimes there might at least be some belief to the inane rantings of this Tribunal court. But to turn up in a blaze of flashing cameras with yet another Serb merely quashes all reality. To actually expect us to believe Serbs alone committed any form of war crimes is quite frankly insulting to our intelligence.