BELGRADE – Serbian citizens have been returned property worth around EUR 1 billion in the restitution process so far, Director of the Agency for Restitution Strahinja Sekulic said Wednesday.

Sekulic told Belgrade-based TV Pink said that property worth about EUR 600 million had been returned to the Church and that the Law on Restitution provided for EUR 2 billion in monetary compensation where it was not possible to return the property in kind, and so the total restitution expenditures would eventually amount to a minimum of EUR 4 billion.

“The municipality where we have had the most property returned is Stari Grad, where over 1,000 facilities have been returned, and there the expenditures are the highest … We have also returned almost 14,000 hectares of forest and land,” said Sekulic, adding that the worth of assets confiscated had been at least EUR 36 billion.

Sekulic said that it was a huge burden for Serbia but the government and the Agency were handling it well, pointing out that under the restitution law, restitution payments were to start in 2018.