BELGRADE – Serbia will respect the agreement the EU and Turkey reached on migrants, Serbian Social Policy Minister Aleksandar Vulin said Monday, explaining that Serbia would behave according to how the agreement was implemented.

Asked by reporters if the agreement provided for Serbia taking part of the burden, Vulin said that the EU first had to decide where the migrants would be distributed and which countries would accept them, but the EU had not yet reached an agreement about whether a quota system would function at all.

“The agreement is still too fresh and we need to see what is going to be happening. As far as Serbia is concerned, we will behave as humanely as possible, while taking care of our own people and our capacity,” the minister said after a visit to the asylum center in the Belgrade neighborhood of Krnjaca.

“We will not be making anyone stay. If someone wants to stay, they can express the intention, and if they don’t want it, we will be forcing them to do so,” stressed the minister.