BELGRADE – The time has come for citizens to have their say whether they support the serious and difficult reforms, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said on Friday, calling an early parliamentary election for April 24.

After signing a decree to dissolve the parliament and call the election, Nikolic urged citizens, election participants, media to ensure a fair and democratic race, voicing confidence that Serbia would stay the reform course.

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said Friday that he expects a culmination of the migrant crisis, but added that the state is well-organised and prepared for challenges.

Asked by reporters what external factors he expects to impact the election campaign, Nikolic said that it is the migrant crisis.

“There are wire barriers and police forces on European borders, and even the police and the military in some countries. We should not think that this does not or will not concern us. I expect the migrant crisis to culminate in the coming period,” Nikolic said at a press conference at which he signed a decree on dissolution of the parliament and a decision to call early parliamentary elections.

The state is well-organised and nothing can take it by surprise, he said.