BELGRADE – A new Russian train, the DP-S, manufactured by the Moscow region-based railcar manufacturer Metrowagonmash, has been changing rail transit in Serbia.

As Sputnik reported, the new trains are part of a project by Russian Railways International to rebuild Serbia’s railway infrastructure as part of a $940 million project. Much of it was paid for with a Russian export loan.

The company is currently building one kilometer of new railways per day. It is expected that running speeds for the new trains should reach 120 kilometers per hour. While this is not exactly high-speed rail, it is certainly a large improvement in Serbia where some segments of the railways are over 100 years old.

Russian Railways is also repairing Serbian schools, with two already renovated and a third one in the works. The company also offers scholarships for training new railway engineers and technicians with Serbian Railways, with 15 students already prepared to study in Russia, according to the agency.